Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

I have never seen a laser weld before but I think this might be the future of welding. If you use an inadequate waveform, 60% to 98% of the laser energy will be lost and your welding operation will fail. Like the fiber laser, the CO2 laser can penetrate thick sheets with great speed and efficiency. Like the CO2 laser, the fiber laser can penetrate thick sheets with great speed and efficiency.

A remote welding head, or scanning head, is a sophisticated choice for high-speed, high-volume welding applications that have more difficult geometry and fixturing needs, such as automotive body panels. Because a remote welding head can position the focal point of the laser beam anywhere within its working range simply by angling its internal mirrors, it is fast and often best-suited for complex parts. Passing a laser cutting machine over a workpiece with the assist gas set very low results in a weld bead rather than a cut. Changing the assist gas to helium or argon ( or other material-appropriate inert gas) produces a shiny weld rather than a porous, contaminated one.

In practice, welding should be based on the requirements of the welded parts on the depth of melt to choose stable deep fusion welding or stable heat conduction welding, and to absolutely avoid mode instability welding. Welding speed has a large impact on the depth of melt, increasing the speed will make the depth of melt shallow, but the speed is too low and will lead to excessive melting of the material, and the workpiece weld through. However, lower peak power results in excess heat input, and each material has an optimum pulse width that maximizes the depth of melt. With a high power density, the surface layer can be heated to the boiling point in a microsecond time frame, producing a large amount of vaporization.

Laser Welding Machine

Beneficial to both part design and lean manufacturing efforts, laser welding generates a fraction of the heat input of other welding methods, requires access to only one side of the part, and produces a narrow bead. Because no electrodes and usually no filler material are needed, repeatability with laser welding is very good. It is such a stable process that a high level of automation can be incorporated. In laser welding systems, the operator controls the beam diameter , power level, and pulse length depending on the type of alloy and joint being welded. A stereo-microscope with internal cross-hairs makes it easy for the operator to align and weld the jewelry piece at the correct location.

Industry increasingly relies on sensors in both factories and products. New sensor technologies mean new product capabilities with improved performance and efficiency. When excited molecules of the same material come into contact and concurrently move to lower excitation states, they revert to being solids and develop a bond at the molecular level.

The DVS – German Association for Welding and Allied Processes is a technical-scientific professional association which is active in all areas of joining technology. Variety of detection and protection measures using, greatly avoid the faults caused by a variety of external factors or human misuse, to protect the equipment with long-term stable operation. Top brand gold cavity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, the service life is 8 to10 years, the xenon lamp service life is more than 800 million times. EBTEC strives to ensure fast, precise component manufacturing and servicing for our customers.

The insertion and clamping of the stationary laser welding systems is either motorized or automatic. However, the size of the worktable limits the dimensions of the products to be processed. In addition to the welding optics and the precisely working servos of the robot arm, the control system is the most important component of a laser beam welding system.

The only danger to people present during this procedure is to accidentally look into the laser beam. For this purpose, special protective goggles were developed that absorb, attenuate and disperse the incoming laser light. Provided all people present pay attention to their personal protective equipment, laser beam welding is a particularly safe process. The processes and applications of laser welding are most prominent in the automotive industry, where lasers boost productivity at a low cost when welding automotive parts – such as roof , door or filter assemblies – together. Our Fiber Lasers for welding are supplied as complete units in 19” rack configurations. The carbon footprint is significantly smaller than traditional welding equipment which allows the Laser to be placed close to the application or to use the advantages that fiber delivery can give.

The start-up kit includes a user manual, one control pedal, one wrist rest, two Allen wrenches (2.5mm and 3mm), three plastic gas spreader cones, and some other handy accessories. The Fiber laser sourced for a longer service life and a high electro-optical conversion efficiency while at the same time being low maintenance. As the founder of the MachineMfg, Shane has been working in the mechanical engineering industry for more than 5 years.