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If your floor starts to show signs of wear, a new coat of polyurethane will rejuvenate the floor. Recently, with improved technology, an array of new patterns and colors have become available to meet the demands of today’s design trends. The cork patterns that you see on a cork floor come directly from the grain pattern of the veneer. Just like the grain of oak is different from maple or walnut, so there are different grain patterns of cork. These veneer patterns appear on the top layer of most cork floors.

A wide variety of tiles had to be manufactured in order to cover complex forms of the hall with consistent mosaic patterns. The result was a technological triumph as well as a dazzling display of abstract ornament. Other important tile techniques of this time include girih tiles, with their characteristic white girih, or straps. Relief made with glazed brick tiles, from the Achaemenid decoration of Palace of Darius in Susa. To fit a tile around an outside corner, hold one edge against the wall and mark the tile where it touches the corner. Then, without turning the tile, move it to the other side of the corner and again mark where tile and corner meet.

Materials specified for industrial and mass production areas are required to prioritize both durability and the wellbeing of everyone involved. These environments adhere to stringent health and safety guidelines that dictate nearly every aspect of their design. From heavy-duty, industrial areas to public spaces where the need for safety cannot compromise the look, we’ve got a solution to suit. And our designer range combinations – where color and texture can be used in different ways – give you complete design freedom to create the experience you want for your customers.

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But many homes, especially in warm climates, use tile to great effect in living areas and bedrooms, too. If there are any drawbacks to this durable, elegant flooring, it is that it can be hard and cold, and is somewhat tricky for DIYers to install. Common uses include old factory floors, garages, gyms and sports complexes, schools and shops. The tendency of floor tiles to stain depends not only on a sealant being applied, and periodically reapplied, but also on their porosity or how porous the stone is. Slate is an example of a less porous stone while limestone is an example of a more porous stone.

The imaginary tiles with Old Testament scenes shown on the floor in Jan van Eyck’s 1434 Annunciation in Washington are an example. Medieval letter tiles were used to create Christian inscriptions on church floors. Regular sweeping for dust and debris are vital to extending the life of your tile floors. To maximize the beauty of a tile floor, it is important to clean up spilled water or liquids quickly. One of the main reasons why some people choose to cover their countertops in laminate floor tiles instead of granite or other natural stone is because of the cost savings.

It’s also a great option for homes with open floor plans and with seniors or those with special needs. Remember to check the hardness rating of your tile to ensure it’s durable enough for your home. And for added peace of mind, look for tile that carries a manufacturer warranty as well as safety certifications.

Add more tiles as you grow or pair with Puck Stopper or Smooth Edging to enhance your setup. All-Star Dryland Tiles can be used indoors or even outdoors! Crafted with durable materials and built-in UV protection, All-Star Dryland Tiles are weather resistant to withstand rain, snow and heat. As off-ice industry leaders, we’ve created the ultimate ice-like surface for shooting, passing and stickhandling for those with limited access to a rink. With easy installation and an improved formula, you’ll be able to enjoy the smoothest puck handling experience all at home. Like the yarns used in our rugs, our journey to sustainability is woven into who we are.