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I also have fewer worries about the ever-changing weather because this mountain bike frame bag secures my stuff from both the dry and wet seasons. If you want a mountain bike bag that can fit your most essential bikepacking belongings, then the Rhino Walk RH550 Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag is the right fit for you. Take a look at how this mountain bike frame bag is an ideal option. One thing that I look for in seat bags for mountain bike is an ability to give me comfort when in actual use. This product just passed my expectations, and it does not even get in the way when I am riding. Do you love the idea of taking a break from the busy life and go on a long road trip? Your bicycle is going to be your best companion on this journey. However, to make the ride extra comfortable and convenient, bringing a saddle bag would be a great idea.

German-made Ortlieb panniers are some of the highest-quality and most popular bicycle panniers in the entire world. Constructed with welded seams for strength and designed with easy access closures, these panniers are perfect for local commuting or bicycle touring around the world. Replaceable, adjustable, quick-release mounts the panniers quickly and easily on your bicycle’s racks. Lifting the pannier’s carrying strap automatically releases the QL1 system security catches, while releasing the strap causes latches to lock in place on your rack. Ortlieb panniers are usually sold as a pair containing both a left and a right pannier. The route isn’t always smooth and the sun doesn’t always shine.

Whatever you need and wherever you’re headed, when you’ve got a Basil bike bag nearby you know you’re sorted for the day. How do we know we’ve got a bicycle bag that’s just right for you? What you need from your bike storage solutions, where you’re going and, who you’re going with. Our designs make it easy to take your stuff with you when you cycle, while ensuring every ride is a comfortable one. Get it now on Clinching the top position is Topeak MTX Trunk Bag. This bag features a 600D polyester and a rigidly-molded side panel. As a result, you can get it when looking for a durable trunk bag. To be specific, it features a main compartment, expandable top, water bottle holder, and two side panels with expandable panniers.

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Alternatively, your phone should fit a case as long as it’s approximately 10 mm smaller in length and width than the case’s external dimensions. The “Regular” size is often designed for modern touchscreen smartphones such as the iPhone 6, 7, 8 and Samsung Galaxy S-series. Whereas the “Plus” and “XL” sized wallets are designed with newer phablet-type phones (often over 152×70 mm) in mind, such as the Samsung Galary A-series, Google Pixel XL or iPhone Plus. Unfortunately, there is no standard sizing for a jersey pocket and there are great variances between brands, models and sizes. Larger jerseys commonly feature larger pockets, as do more recreational fitting ones versus the latest crop of aero nipple-flashers. Many of the cycling phone wallets on the market will fit most jersey pockets, but it’s not a given with some of the wider cases.

I had the best experience in the entire duration of using this saddle bag. This product holds my essentials in a way that keeps them all safe and well-organized. It never gets and looks bulky at all, even if I fill it with a lot of stuff. That is why I highly recommend this if you want to go on long hours and days of cycling trips. This product is well-designed and constructed, and I applaud its waterproof fabric and zippers. Rain and mud splashes could not get through the insides of the bag. I therefore highly recommend this sleek and compact saddle bag for everyone. The bag is built with a waterproof material in case of unexpected rains. However, there isn’t much storage capacity for extra items that you want to fit inside.

Rear racks designed to hold the exact trunk bag you choose offer a far sturdier attachment than Velcro straps do, but cost a little more upfront. Once attached via 4 velcro straps, the bag doesn’t so much as budge even when on rocky terrain. It’s a super impressive large trunk bag that would be perfect for those needing to carry more than the other compact trunk bags allow. This Topeak MTX EXP Trunk Bag is one of the highest quality trunk bags for bikes available. The Ibera Bike Trunk Bag is the best bike trunk bag I’ve ever used. It clips effortlessly on and off the Ibera rear rack and holds firm while riding with no rattling or looseness.

The length of the bike handlebar bag will also need to be considered. If your bike has drop handlebars, which tend to be narrower than their flat bar counterparts, you may need to choose a shorter bag so it fits on your handlebars. There are options on the list above like the Ortlieb 9L which are considered a compact design and are best suited for drop handlebars. The internal lining keeps your gear protected from inclement weather. The coated zipper not only allows you to easily open the pack, but also ensures the weather stays on the outside. Two internal mesh pockets help keep your phone, wallet, and keys separated and quick to locate inside the bag. This bag is small enough to carry as a shoulder bag yet big enough to fit all your essentials.

Sew the straps down in the middle using a box stitch (a box with an “X” in the middle) as shown below. Rapha’s Essential Phone Case offers generous room and clever dividers. A zippered pocket is ideal for small change and a key, while the simple sleeve saves your phone from your other items. It’s truly waterproof, allows you to operate the touchscreen with the phone stashed, is available in a huge variety of sizes and can be bought in bulk. The PocPac cases offer a zipper-style closure while an internal dividing sleeve keeps keys, cards and cash away from your phone. PocPac make what’s effectively a very nice version of the plastic phone cases that were commonly handed out as promotional items just a few years ago. In many ways these are the more durable version of a zip-lok bag, and provide almost as good water protection while still allowing the phone screen to be operated. If you ride with a backpack and want your phone out of the way but also at easy reach, then this one is well worth consideration. Hard pass if want a phone case or wallet for any other purpose.

On the bottom of most bicycle touring panniers there are two common attachments. These heavy-duty Madden cycling panniers give you a great way to carry your essential gear on long excursions. Altura Dryline Panniers are long established as a great all-rounder that are ideal for touring, commuting or leisure use. Considering a fully packed bike bag or box is a weighty beast, built in handles and wheels become pretty vital. You’ll want to make sure they’re good quality, too, as nothing’s more annoying than a broken wheel on a long journey. Regardless of how tough your bag or box might be, you’ll definitely want to pad the important parts inside it. If you’re lucky, your local bike shop might have excess from the all the bikes they get sent in.

One half of the roll has all my spare clothing with the items that I want ready at hand (e.g. rain pants) near the opening end. In the front pocket I’ll have my rain jacket, camera, maps, passport and anything else I’ll want to be able to carry with me for short times when I leave the bike. Conversely, you’ll need to get a little more creative between the drop bars. As mentioned above, the Revelate Designs Handlebar Harness allows multiple dry bags in the cradle, while Specialized’s Handlebar Harness was designed just for drops. Additionally, consider a big roll bag like the Apidura Handlebar Pack Dry or the Revelate Sweetroll. Hot off the press, Porcelain Rocket will start shipping their latest innovation, the Albert dropper-post specific seat pack, in December 2016. This is the first seat pack designed specifically for dropper seatposts – expect other manufacturers to follow suit in the future.

You can also use pipe insulation, which is inexpensive and can be purchased at your local home-supply store. Always be sure you also have all the tools you need to get your bike back up and running at your destination. Both types of cases often include additional padding for the frame, as well as straps to hold the frame and wheels in place. Some softshell cases have a rigid internal frame that provides structure and protects the bike from crushing forces. There are also hybrid cases, which have a fabric exterior lined with foam and plastic sheets. We know you love your folding bike and if you’re like us, you probably want to take it wherever you go, including on a plane. This bag is much more durable than the others we have reviewed it could also, potentially double as a commuting bag. The Bicycle Protector Bag, the Motorcycle Protector Bag, and the Bicycle Travel Bag all feature high quality weatherproof construction to protect your motorcycle, road bike or mountain bike. Add a foam board to the bag for insulation, to dampen the cargo and hide the wood frame. Secure the saddlebag to the rack by tightening the nut of the U-bolt.