For harsh environment applications where a membrane switch may be exposed to water

dust, extreme temperatures, and harsh cleaners, the XyWeld® sealed switch is the best solution! The Xymox XyWeld® spacer involves a specialty adhesive bonded with a proprietary heat-activated process to yield a spacer that is much more robust than a standard PSA. Of any of these three HMI options, membrane switches offer the best price point. Again, since they are so much easier to produce , they prove the lowest per-piece price and also the lowest tooling costs. Instead of trying to convince you to only depend on membrane switches, the following considers their advantages more to illustrate ways they could complement your HMI product.

To obtain service pricing, use the classification below in conjunction with our Quick Reference Guide. Membrane switches are easily cleaned, which is critical for medical or laboratory applications. The graphic layer provides a sealed smooth layer that is easily wiped down, and can be sprayed with standard cleaning chemicals. A rubber membrane switch uses compression-molded silicone rubber with conductive carbon pills or with non-conductive rubber actuators. Rubber keypads are relatively inexpensive on a per-piece basis, but require fairly expensive tooling, usually making them a design choice for higher-volume projects. Thickness above 0.25mm is called plate, which is not suitable for three- dimensional key forming.

membrane keypad

This encapsulation creates a high gloss raised area over the button between 1.0 and 1.5mm high, depending on the size of the component. A keypad can accommodate almost any shape, with the dome creating an eye-catching 3D effect highlighting the button area. Furthermore, the domed keys can be laminated to a metal dome circuit to create a distinctive tactile feel. This gives valuable feedback to the operator when using your product. RH supplies many types of graphic overlays as a part of our complete print service.

Membrane Switch & Panel manufactures membrane switches, graphic overlays and nameplates. We tư vấn our OEM customers through product development, from prototype to production, and from first articles to volume manufacturing. Electrical switches that turn circuits on and off, membrane switches enable communication capabilities for many different types of technology products, equipment and systems. These interface utilities can be simple tactile switches that control lighting, touch-screen panels, plastic keyboards or toggle switches. Integrating metal domes into your application is simple—if you know the components necessary to complete the switch assembly. Whether you are assembling a membrane switch, keypad, or other types of switch, metal domes are critical components.

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